Air Control Panels

The diving control panels used by industrial divers are the vital support system of the divers for surface supplied dives.

Air Control Panels

What is the dive panel?

It is not possible to do the work done by industrial divers with the SCUBA system used by recreational divers. The diving control panels used by industrial divers in their studies are the vital support system for surface supplied dives.Basically, with an air control panel, you control the pressure and volume of the breathing air you're sending to your SCBA air cylinders.

Why an electronic air control panel?

The entire dive operation is in charge of the dive supervisor from beginning to end, and dive supervisor duties cause a serious waste of time. A significant portion of the dive supervisor's time is spent filling out forms and sorting them out. There is a need for software to manage these processes. On the other hand, diving-related information is only read from an analog display of the maximum depth, the obligation to continuously send air to this indicator, the follow-up of descent and exit information with a stopwatch, manual recording of depth time information, manually filled forms about diving procedures, and more of the speeches made during the dive. Separate and scattered recording operations such as recording for later review by hand also causes a significant loss of time and effort. In some cases, only an element called the registrar is used to compile and write this discrete and scattered information. However, it is possible to manage these functions with software.

Considering all these factors, the advantages of using an electronic diving panel are enormous.

At the end of this TUBITAK supported project, the following products were produced and sold on the market:

Hava Kontrol Paneli MK IV

Hava Kontrol Paneli MK III

Hava Kontrol Paneli MK VII

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