Want To Be A Commercial Diver

Private commercial diving course approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Want To Be A Commercial Diver

Ministry of National Education Approved Commercial Diving Course

Who is a Commercial Diver?

Underwater constructions, repair of ships in the water without pulling ashore, survey studies, underwater search and rescue works, laying underwater pipes and communication lines, maintenance and repair works of underwater pipelines, using pressure chambers, developing diving projects... Commercial Diver is a technical personnel whose capable of establishing and managing diving operations.

Conditions for attending BURC courses:


It is necessary to be a Turkish citizen and to be at least a primary school graduate. Trainees should be able to calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, decimal and fractional numbers, percentage calculation and simple formulas and be able to communicate in written and verbal communication.

Swimming test

Before participating in the course, the trainee must be able to swim at a minimum of 200 meters without stopping and without assistance, and must be able to stay in water for at least 2 minutes with one arm in the air.


To certify that it is suitable for underwater manning service in terms of health according to the health provisions specified in the "Professional Diver Regulation",

In this regard, the trainees will be provided with the necessary assistance in obtaining reports from the fully equipped hospital and hyperbaric treatment center.

First aid:

Trainees must have a valid first aid certificate obtained within 12 months prior to taking the course. Those who do not have these documents will be given courses by our center.

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