Green Bubbles RISE Project

Green Bubbles RISE, SCUBA dalışının araştırılması bir projeye yönelik özel ve devlet kurumlarına bir araya gelerek AR-GE çalışmalar yürütmeleri 'AB tarafından finanse edilmiş bir projedir.

Green Bubbles RISE Project

The project

Bubbles is an EU-funded project dedicated to recreational SCUBA diving, an activity engaging millions of people worldwide. Green Bubbles will maximise the benefits associated with diving while minimising its negative impacts, thus achieving the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the system.
Funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 643712, Green Bubbles is run by a consortium of nine entities, including universities, research organisations, educational organisations and SMEs from Italy, the Netherlands, Malta, Turkey, South Africa and the United States.

Executive Summary

Recreational  SCUBA  diving  has  become  a  mass  leisure  activity  engaging  millions  of  divers  worldwide.

The  diving  industry  generates  large  direct  and  indirect  revenues  for  local  communities  and  Marine  Protected  Areas  (MPAs).  Other  benefits  linked  to  diving  include  the  promotion  of environmental  and  ocean  stewardship,  contribution  to  scientific  research,  fostering  social inclusion and personal development. Yet, diving has also negative impacts, due to damage or disturbance of habitats and organisms and to conflicts with local communities for the access to/use of the same resources, equity issues, or cultural clashes. These aspects clearly relate to the three pillars of sustainability, covering environmental, economic and social dimensions and can only be addressed by a systemic approach.The central objective of Green Bubbles is to maximise the benefits associated with diving, whilst minimising its negative impacts, thus achieving the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the system.
This will be done by:
1. Carefully assessing and modelling the system itself;
2. Developing innovative products based on the issues and needs highlighted by assessment and modelling;
3. Promoting the uptake of such products by the system designing tailored business models and marketing plans. Direct engagement with selected stakeholders (divers, professionals, operators,  certification  agencies  -  CAs,  MPAs,  NGOs)  will  ensure  relevant  feedback throughout  the  project’s  lifetime,  as  well  as  effective  uptake  of  results  at  the  end  of  the  project.

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