K2002 Documentary

The main goal of the last trip to Kaçkar was the trial of semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus that had never been tried before at such an altitude.

K2002 Documentary

Kaçkar Altitude Dives - Documentary

The research trip, which started on July 31, 2002, took place in Kaçkar Great Sea Lake. The main goal of the last trip was to test semi-closed circuit breathing apparatus.

The use of semi-closed circuits at high altitude has the following advantages:

No freezing issues
They prevent heat loss
With the use of nitrox, the bottom time extends and the surface wait decreases.
Saves gas

However, these devices have never been tested at an altitude of 3500 meters. Aqualung / Drager Black Dolphin semi-closed circuits were used in Kaçkar 2002.

One night was spent in Olgunlar (2200 m) village in order to adapt to the altitude. The next day, the diving equipment loaded on the mules was raised to an altitude of 3412 m in 7 hours.

Although K'2002 started at a much later date than previous studies, the fact that the road was covered with snow negatively affected the transportation; diving and camping gear carried by 8 mules and occasionally had to traveled on the snow.

The team that established the camp consisting of 3 domes and 1 kitchen tent on the shore of the lake, which is mostly covered with ice, waited the next day to start diving.
The water temperature was 0 (zero) degrees. The diver, who used the semi-closed circuit with a dry suit, was accompanied by a diver using the open circuit Scuba. The diver using open circuit, Oceanic, ended the dive at the end of the 28th minute due to the cold despite wearing 3 pieces of suit (3 mm hooded vest, 5 mm single piece and 5 mm shorty hood). The next day, the same diver started diving with only 2 pieces of the Oceanic suit (5 mm single piece and 3 mm hooded vest) using a semi-closed circuit the next day, and did not complain about the cold for 30 minutes, and did another consecutive dive with the same equipment. Semi-closed circuits provided an important advantage against cold.

More detailed information about K'2002 and the documentary shot are presented in SBT 2002.