Van Derya Documentary

"Van Derya: Diving Deep At The Highs"

Van Derya Documentary

The first underwater documentary about Lake Van

The aim of the documentary "Van Derya: Diving Deep At The Highs", which is the first underwater documentary shot in Lake Van, was to shed light on the riches of Lake Van.

The documentary titled "Van Derya: Diving Deep On The High", shot within the scope of a multidisciplinary study that started in 2001, was introduced at a press conference held at Galatasaray University. The subject of the 45-minute documentary is a research trip to Lake Van in 2001. The documentary, composed of 25 hours of raw footage, was completed after a year of work. While the documentary was being created, Prof. Dr. George F. Bass from Texas A&M University Institute of Underwater Archeology, Prof. Dr. Veli Sevin from Çanakkale 18 Mart University,
Alos, the opinions of experts such as Mustafa Sarı and Muhammet Arabacı from the Department of Fisheries at Van 100. Yıl University and Mustafa Aydemir, the amphora collector, were also consulted.

Underwater and surface shooting of the documentary, directed by Togay Şenalp and Burak Şenbak, was made by this three-person team, including S. Murat Egi, the project coordinator. The shootings were made in Van, Istanbul, Çanakkale, Fethiye, Kaçkar and Bodrum. The music used in the movie was composed by Togay Şenalp for this movie.

the scope of his research trip documentary takes issue fourth in the world in 2001, is the largest enclosed body of water, Lake Van, Turkey has conducted 118 dives in various regions.

During the dives performed by a team of 24 people, the number of dives in the database was increased by using high altitude diving tables developed by Assoc.Dr.Murat Egi.
Data on endemic creatures in the lake, such as the “Pearl Mullet”, were also collected within the framework of the research trip. Historical artifacts found during the dives were recorded. Amphoras encountered during dives will form the basis for a future underwater excavation.

Among the institutions that support the project are Van 100. Yıl University, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul University, Koç University, Sabancı University, Galatasaray University and Boğaziçi Underwater Research Center (BURC). The organizations that provide material support Ogan Sub, Demas, Poseidon Turkey, Tarkan Yilmaz Deepstor and Frogman.